Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For Detroit Tigers Lovers

Some of the most fun we had was watching everything that happens before and after the game.
We enjoyed watching the Tigers stretch and exercise before batting practice.
Here is Tori Hunter and Austin Jackson who were running sprints and talking and laughing.

 Justin Verlander walking out with two of the bullpen coaches.  Justin was not going to pitch that day but was catching balls in the outfield and playing long ball.  It was just fun to watch.

Here he is going into one of his pitches.

 Max Scherzer talking with a catcher.

I don't recall if he ever threw the ball to anyone, he just played with the ball and enjoyed talking with everyone who came by. We see him in the dugout just playing with the ball too, must like to have it in his hands all the time.

Rick Porcello does sprints up and down the steps to get his workouts before the game.

Up another flight

now down-we saw him do this all over the stadium. He gets a good workout in.

Prince Fielder and Omar Infante.
Prince was just great to watch in batting practice, the balls were going all over the park.

The trainer was stretching Brayan Pena before the game. We really enjoyed the way Brayan laid out his equipment.  It looks like a flat person.
Of course I had to add Muguel Cabrera, who also was fun to watch in batting practice.

Here we are with our Tigers Shirts on.
 Players waiting batting practice.  Jim Leyland is walking up the middle.

Ace, the Blue Jays Mascot.

The color guard
Jose Alvarez was the starting pitcher for the game. He did not do well and is came out of the game and took the loss. 

Not a clear picture, but Rod and Mario in the booth.
Unfortunately the Tigers lost but we had a great time. 


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