Thursday, July 4, 2013

from Canada to Massachusetts

Something we don't see in the United States.

Even though I was only gone two days I was glad to be back in the U.S.

The Big Apple not far away.

The Hudson River to the West

The Hudson River to the East
No one was landing on it.

Pretty view on the interstate.

First time we entered Massachusetts.

Thought the Pilgrims Hat was unique on the Massachusetts Turnpike sign.

The Appalachian Trail starts way up in Maine and goes all the way down the east coast. I am tickled when I see it.  We passed under it another time in Pennsylvania a few years back.

Don't know why there would be a reduced salt area.

This was on the interstate, must have been a problem to post a sign about it.

Providence, Rhode Island

The Atlantic Ocean in Providence

Back in Massachusetts

Nuclear Power Plant in Falls Creek Massachusetts.

Thanks for viewing my pictures!

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