Saturday, July 28, 2012


Even though we have been in a drought in our area I have watched our neighbors garden flourish.
Her sunflowers are delightful.

Many different kinds in a bunch.

They always bring a smile.

Come in so many colors

A brown one getting eaten by the finches.

Pretty little zinnia

Food for the birds and probably raccoons at night.

Lovely cutting flowers

Bird houses and feeders by the flowers.  When I look over I do see lots of activity in this area.

So green and full.  The corn may have taken the biggest hit.  Like all the other corn in the fields.  Maybe it will catch up since it is only July.  


Tomato plants, we have been lucky to be the recipient of a few of these.  There is nothing like a home grown tomato on your hamburger.  

Here is the full view...beautiful to look at.  May we keep having some rain to keep it growing on it's own.  

Hope you are having a great summer too!

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