Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review-All the Living

At the time this book was written in 2009 this was a new author.  In this book the scene is set in Kentucky.  The girl, Aloma, lost her parents when she was 3 years old.  She went to stay with an Aunt and Uncle and when she was 12 years old she was sent to a boarding school in the hills where the sun doesn't hit the school until 10 o'clock in the morning.  Her main accomplishment was that she learned how to play the piano beautifully.  When she graduated she was offered a job to stay on and teach.  One day she met Orren who came to the school.  They started dating and the relationship progressed for months, then Orrens family were killed in an accident and he inherited the tobacco farm.  He asked Aloma to come and live with him, which she did.  He worked hard at this farm and put his whole heart into it.  He was mourning his family and really couldn't give his heart at the time to Aloma.  She was lonely on the desolate farm and wanted to play the piano and Orren suggested that she go down to the church and see if they needed a piano player.  Eventually she did get to play there and became acquainted with the single minister.  They became attracted to each other and she never gave up the information where she lived because she knew that would be frowned on since she was not married to Orren. 
I zipped through this book as it was an easy read.  When I read I don't like to look for hidden meanings and anything deeper than being entertained.  I like to go with gut feelings, did it give me thrills, excitement, interest, laughter.  This book I felt a straight line like on the heart monitor in the hospital when someone dies.  The characters went through their lives with not a lot of emotion.  When thinking about it though, maybe that is what the author was looking for since there was a tragedy with the loss of his family.  If that was what the authors goal was, she did a good job.  Finally the end provided some good feelings.

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