Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here it is in full glory, so beautiful yet so strange.  It is shiny like plastic, my angel plant.

The first blooming nasturtium that are planted around my patio tomatos.  Nasturtiums are so easy to grow, in just a few days from planting seeds they sprout.  It is almost instant gratification for impatient people. 

Nasturtiums have many different shades in their repertoire, another reason they are so fantastic. See that little yellow one about ready to bloom? 

This is my bodyguard Stonewall Jackson.  I have my journals and paper supply stored here and he has made that "his spot".  It's perfect because there is no room for anybody else, he can look out the window and also keep an eye on my activites.  He is a jelous fellow...I can't give any love to the youngest cat, he goes over and smacks him when I am done.  I found his papers the other day, he was born in 1999.  He is a feisty, bossy 13 year old. 

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