Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still Searching

I am still searching for a live moose.  When we were going to Kevin's camp we came across a sign that said "Moose Area".  I said well  you would think that we would see one then.  Tom told me that they don't have shifts and stand along the side of the road for phot ops. I think he was being a bit sarcastic.
First we went to Split Rock Lighthouse.  This was on my bucket list. I wanted to see it at least once.
It was very beautiful.

A good picture of Tom and Kevin.

We had to walk down these steps (and back up) to see the lighthouse from the lower angle.

This claims it is the most photographed lighthouse in the US.

These just make me laugh.

and laugh

and laugh.

We got Kevin to camp finally and here he is going to the cabin.

It looked like a really nice place with good people.  He will have fun if he lets himself.

We then got to Ely, MN to our cabin.

This is what we have to look at.
It's pretty hard to take.
We heard cool bird calls on the lake.  I believe it was loons.
I am now in search of a picture of those too.

Pretty, pretty,pretty

Things that have piqued my interest along the way-Betty's Pies.  I hope to get Tom to stop....He say's $25.00 FOR A PIE!
I said they must be good!
It's worth a try.
Lot's of artists up here, pottery and handmade rugs. 
So we will see what comes of it.

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