Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Trip up North

We are on a trip to the northern part of Minnesota and I shot some pictures I thought were interesting and unique along the way. 
Here we had stopped at a rest park along the way and were going to walk to a scenic overlook but after a short time we decided to give it up not knowing how far it was.  This was a warm and fuzzy moment between father and son.  Father was a few seconds before doing the rabbit ear thing behind sons head and took them down and continued to act like there was something on Kevin's face that needed wiping off. 

I liked the big cow on the sign at Moes diner.

This was at one of the exits to the Wisconsin Dells.  We use the term knucklehead a lot at our house but nobody would stand under the sign.

We stopped at Chippewa Falls Wisconsin to take the Leinenkugle brewery tour and to sample many of their many flavors of beer.  I enjoyed the Summer Shandy and Berry Weiss. 

Here the guys are in front of the bar serving the samples in the Leinenkugle Lodge.

One of the old buildings.

There was a pretty little rapidly moving creek.

Our entrance into Duluth Minnesota.

Lake Superior

This is through the hotel window.  Yes that is an iron ore boat docked there and the city of Duluth at night.
Here Tom found a friend in Wisconsin who was selling some cheese.

A good sign that we are definitely in Wisconsin.

This was just a neat natural rock formation along the interstate. 
Tomorrow we will explore some and be on our way.  I hope to get to see Split Rock Lighthouse.
I am really hoping to see a moose in the woods.
I have seen the usual dead deer on the side of the road and then some smaller furry animals that are possibly fox.  I get really perplexed because the roads are not crowded with cars up here and how do those animals get killed along the road??

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