Monday, June 13, 2011


This morning it was 48 degrees.
We had slept with the windows open.
It was wonderfully fresh when we woke up.
When we went to bed I realized there was a beautiful WOOL Northwoods blanket on the bed.
I immediately folded that back thinking we aren't going to need that!
This morning I was grabbing it and quickly pulling it over us.
We realized we had no television in the cabin.
We do have this beautiful view out our window though.
Obviously we have internet.
Thank God for technology .
We are having trouble getting our water warm.
Our morning showers should be brisk and short.

The beautiful view.
That would make a pretty watercolor.

To the left a bit is the dock that we can sit on.
Someone had been drinking their morning coffee on there, I forgot to look to see if they had their Parka's on.

This is our cute cabin.
Tom is staying warm under the covers. 
To the left is our little heater.
Didn't think we were going to use that either.
Notice that it is on.

Today we are going to the International Wolf Center.
For Lunch the Chocolate Moose.
There is a childrens garden in town that might be interesting.
I think it will be the Ely Steakhouse for dinner. 
I will let you know whatever else we find to occupy our time this evening.

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