Monday, March 9, 2015


For you fellow cat lovers I have a recommendation...The Fling-A-Ma-String!  This is a favorite and we just received number 2 in the mail this week.  The other was worn out and the elastic was stretched like an old pair of underwear.

We can turn it on and two or three cats come from each part of the house when they hear it.  A little FYI though, get rechargeable batteries.  It can get left on when you don't realize the playtime is over.  It gives a little exercise and keeps their interest. 

Another favorite at our house is these crunchy lightweight balls.  I didn't get an action photo but she had just been playing soccer with it.  They carry them around in their mouths.  I have a large container of catnip and put it in there for a couple of days.  They become quite goofy over it then.  Another little FYI-shake it off before you give it to makes a real mess if you don't. 

Found a deal on Amazon-1 dozen for $3.98.  Money well spent, like everything else, you need to get them out from underneath the furniture.  But then you also do a little cleaning, bringing out all those dust balls that have accumulated, at least at my house....maybe not yours. 

Lastly, I think Lily is funny, wedging herself between the window and the table.  If winter lasts any longer, she won't fit.  She isn't her sleek self, like she is in the summer time.  I tried to get a photo of her completely asleep and stretched out.  She wakes up and poses or is irritated that I disturbed her with the annoying click of the camera.  Who can tell?  The link for the Fling-a-ma-string. Oh and by the way..they are a little over the top with the action photo of the cat and the fling-a-ma-string.  Yeah-No...mine don't do that with it....and yours probably won't either. Take Care-Thanks so much for stopping!  

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