Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Front Door/Fall Decorating

I picked up this magazine the other day.  I loved the black door and all the different colored gourds.
It turned out the this is a design that P. Allen Smith built and it is a 1600 square foot cottage.  Now P. Allen Smith is a gardener so he probably grew all those different gourds, it would have cost me quite a bit to get all of those.  It has a black door like mine, I could have put a cat on the porch instead of a dog.  I have white pillars and a gold handle like is on the door.

Here is my scaled down version.  My pumpkin and gourds I picked up at Lowe's for half price.  The greenery kale in the pots I found for $1.50 each.  The full and beautiful mums were even buy on get one free or BOGO as in advertising now.  I thank my friend Theresa for finding that good buy!

I have moved all the pictures off the tall bookcase and am moving in pottery.  Some of it even dates back to my gradeschool days and both my son's also. 

The corner picture cabinet now.  I like it.

I also like my pineapple and the angel holding the pineapple.  The girl sculpture riding a crow with a little pumpkin in it's beak. 

Boy today was a pretty, we have to enjoy these days, they are numbered.

I hope you got out and enjoyed it. 

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