Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Clay Projects

In ceramics class we have advanced to learning how to throw clay on the wheel.  Its a fun, messy job that takes a lot of brain power to learn. 

Three bowls from last night.  I had help getting these started.  I haven't got the hang of starting it out.  It was determined that I am pressing too hard....I think I have to relax and not try so hard. 

You definitely have to wear clothes that are very washable. 

My house tiles all fired.  We were learning how the glazes react.  My flowers were supposed to be red and they turned green.  The Professor is new this year and he didn't know how the glazes that were on hand would react either.....they have been removed from the cupboard.  Learning also how much is the right amount of glaze because the yellow is splotchy.  I still like my house, it has lots of interesting features.

I wasn't happy with my little plate because the white was not smooth.  Prof. says that he will show a trick on how to make it better and we will fire it again.  I am happy with my floaty leaves though. 

Some of these were from the first night on the wheel and some on the second..the difference...look at the bottoms.  We were shown how to trim the bottoms.  They are still wet so I will go back and trim.  I will keep these, fire and glaze.  The object is to make two good cups and a teapot.  The teapot can start out on the wheel and then hand built the rest of the way.  This is the final project in clay for the semester.  It's a long process, from designing, to building, to drying, to cleaning, to glazing, to firing. 
This little lady lost her left leg when I was glazing her.  The glaze we are using (and I won't spell it right) sounds like this...terrasige....from what I understand it is made with clay and we are brushing it on and rubbing it to a high sheen.  We will then pit fire the piece and then it will look ancient.  I will keep her leg and adhere it to the other so it looks like she is crossing her legs.  It's pretty cute~
Her sweet face, in the drying faze her neck bent a little bit so she now has a whimsical tilt to her head.  She IS a piece of work, with a lot of personality!

Here is my oval bowl.  I'm not really happy with the colors but it's still a learning process.
My tall pitcher, flowered candy dish and the little lidded container with the flower on top were in the kiln last night. 
They should be ready to look at the next class. 

Thanks so much for stopping!

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