Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Unusual Pair

When I came home on Sunday from a weekend trip with my girlfriends, these were sitting on my desk here.  For my husband I had gotten some nice martini glasses to make lemon drop martinis but we didn't have vodka.  So he picked up some along with the MiraLax (I'll get to that in a minute.)
Isn't this just a beautiful bottle?  You can see through it to see the flying geese.  I just love it and will keep it.  When we make the martini's I will share.

Now for the MiraLax-I don't share really personal stuff but this is important.  My Father passed away from Colon Cancer when he was 70 in 1995.  He battled it for 5 years and of course my siblings and I need to get colonoscopy's.  I am the youngest and probably the last one to get the test, which was 4 years overdue, because they recommend that one starts at 50 years old. 

I had the test in July and a large polyp (almost an inch) was discovered, clipped off and sent for inspection. It was not cancerous but the doctor felt sure that in a couple of years it would have turned cancerous so it is very good that I went.  Unfortunately the scope could not reach everything, I had a twist that it couldn't get through and since the doc had already clipped the polyp he didn't want to do any other procedure.

So, I had to do the cleansing once again for a barium enema and my caring husband picked up the drink of choice. 

The instructions are to mix the whole bottle with 64 ounces of light colored Gatorade.  This, my friends, is impossible for me to drink.  The best I did was to drink two very large glasses of this concoction. It did the job.  In July I threw up and was miserable, this time it was a much easier experience. 

I hope I don't have to go through the barium enema again. I will spare the details but your dignity is taken from you for a while. 

I am sharing this with you because especially if you have this cancer in your family, then GET IT DONE.  I know two people whom I am close to who NEED to get it done. The prep is tough, the colonoscopy is nothing.  You are put out ,it is over with, zip, zap, done.

Colon Cancer is Awful....Your families are counting on you. 

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