Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pottery Class

The day was so pretty with the blue sky and fluffy clouds I had to snap this picture while walking to class.  This is the Brookside Mansion and the newly planted flower bed around the flagpole. 

Learning how to wedge the clay which is getting all of the air out of it.  That is what causes the bubbles in the piece that was made and could cause it to break in the firing process.  This is a canvas covered table and the clay is rolled on it and then we have to pick it up and throw it down on the table to extract the air.  It's also a good way to take out frustration.

Different tiles showing the different effects of the firing, whether it is in an electric kiln, gas, wood fired or has a salt glaze.  As our instructor said pottery is part art and part chemistry because of how the different elements mix.  He has a whole wall of chemicals to mix the glaze with to get the different results.

My tool kit so far.  A few things I have to add and buy to complete it. 

Our first project is a tile that represents ourselves.  It has to be 20 by 12 inches and it has to contain many textures on it.  I am making a house with windows and a door of course and then added elements which I am still deciding on.  I should have it done Tuesday evening, we are having class critique on Thursday evening.  Then we will get it ready for firing. 

Come back and follow my evolvement through pottery class.

It's gonna be fun!


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