Thursday, August 28, 2014

favorite stuff

Put this little grouping together of some favorite summer things.  Someday I will put a picture of one of my cats in the frame but this little one is so cute.  Haven't even take the tags off the glass...goofy aren't I? 

This little bird with different paper designs is a favorite.

Then the tiny birds and one on the tiny nest of eggs.  My niece had gotten me a dark blue bird once that I had sitting outside and someone came along and stole it.  I have never been able to find one like it since.  I really loved it! Kinda burns me up!

Faux birds nest is a favorite.

Love this little bowl with the bird perched on the edge.

Another faux nest under glass

vase of colorful little flowers. 

Then I have my grouping of funny cats.

The blue guy always makes me smile

Bug-eyed stick cat is funny too!

Hope you enjoyed....Thanks for stopping by.

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