Monday, June 23, 2014

Magazines, memories and ageing

Saturday morning I was eating my bowl of Life cereal enjoying my quiet time of the day, my mind started to wander from one thought to the next .   We all have things that remind us of someone and Life cereal reminds me of my Grandmother who passed away when I was 8 years old and she was 75.  Her name was Serelda and she was my Paternal Grandmother.  I don't think Quaker has changed the taste after 46 years.  We ate it in a very clean, somewhat stark kitchen that had the light over the sink on, so the room had muted ambiance about it. 
She would open this refrigerator to get the milk out that said NORGE on it.  Since I was learning how to read I thought that was a very strange word.  To open it one would grasp the handle and push the black button with your thumb.  I thought that was a neat way to open the refrigerator because kids love to push many ways.
It was pink inside and I don't recall it containing too much inside it.  Very clean and stark again, my Grandfather had passed away when I was 3 so I don't remember him except from pictures.  When she passed away we inherited it.  It lasted a long time. 
My maternal Grandmother named Helen always used Jergens lotion with this black and pink label. My Grandmother passed away at age 93 and she was a nice, religious lady who loved M &M's. She always said she could eat the whole bag, which I can certainly relate to.  I have smelled the recent Jergens trying to remember my grandmother in that way and it does not smell like what I think it should. 

The closest smell that I have found is this Cherry Blossom  from Bath and Body Works.  It is very subtle and has a hint of cherry.  Very Nice.  I buy a couple of bottles at a time just in case they don't sell it anymore, they retire scents.
This picture that I saved didn't turn out very clear but I received the May/June/July issue of Artful Blogging.  This is what start me on my blogging journey.  I picked one of these up one day and decided I would like to have my own blog.  It fulfills a show and tell need in me.  It gives me ideas of how I would like my blog to look and I find new blogs that lead to other new blogs and down the road.  The one I looked at so far was  Two women who started a really cute business together that has grown.  Their products are really cute and colorful.

I love the magazine rack at the grocery and I found this little gem last week.  I  also love "what are they doing now?" and interesting stories about the scenes that I liked.  How many of us like to say-in that disdaining tone of voice-(insert the persons name)NEWMAN.  He said in this magazine that as long as the show is running and as long as the checks come in they can still keep saying "Hello, Newman" to him.
 It lists the top 25 shows.  Many were my favorite here is a short list of mine.
The Marine Biologist-"the sea was angry that day" how many of us quote that.
When Elaine did her funky dance at the office party-that was a hoot!
"Can you spare a Square"?
When they lost their car in the parking garage and Kramer kept carrying around the television.
Jackie Chan
The lighted chicken sign.
the list could go on and on.

My sister ordered a subscription to More magazine for me.  It was a really nice surprise.  This article with Diane Keaton what really good.  It is an excerpt from her new book "Lets Just Say it Wasn't Pretty". 
The article is about the Art of Being Yourself.
She always has had her own style, wearing manly clothing, and she is now 67 years old.
One question that was given to her was "What is more important to you now than 20 years ago"?  She said it is seeing. It is her favorite thing about her face.  She can see trees and sunsets and her children's faces. 

While reading that I thought yes, that is good.  I would miss that too.  The article talks more about aging and since my post has gone on long enough I will hit on that topic more at another time. 

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and that it brought up some old memories for you too.
Thanks for stopping!

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