Friday, June 20, 2014

Lupins + garden supply store

Browsing the internet the other day looking to purchase some lupins I came across a new garden supply store named Garden Harvest Supply. They had exactly what I wanted and so I put the lupins in my cart.  Then came the time to figure out what kind of shipping I preferred, so I clicked on the "contact us" to see where they were located and they ended up being only 30 miles from me in Berne, Indiana.  I was so happy to keep my purchase in the state! I ordered them on Tuesday and received them on Thursday.  I was impressed with the packaging and the nice size of the plants.  They came in a box marked "live plants" and how they were packaged was fantastic.  They were supposed to be in three inch pots.  They were securely in the box inside this plastic packaging.  The part that is extended out opens up and the plants can be easily removed.  They definitely are the nicest plants I have ever gotten through the mail. 

There is such a large expanse of garage that I put tall plants and items back there.  Here they are planted in the back.  There is a tiny plant that made it through the winter, that I started from seed between them.  I don't know if I have enough time in my life for it to grow to flower.  That's why I bought these. 

The other is planted between the hollyhock, which I did grow from seed two years ago and the trellis.  The clematis that I planted last year is growing but lost it's flowers.  Maybe I didn't give it enough water so I will have to watch that. 

I really love these poppies and their 3 different colors.  Don't pay attention to the little bit of weeds in the picture, they are being taken care of and you can also see a sunflower seedling. 

Last night while planting the lupins I took out a stump from last years large sunflower.  It was like taking out a small tree stump! I had to wrestle it and then it was odd shaped and kept dropping the dirt on the garage floor.  It was quite difficult.  I was glad to throw it in the trash. 

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