Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old Pictures

Last week I was walking down memory lane.  Tom's Aunt passed away and her son's, Dan and Mike were getting the service together.  They asked if we would find some pictures of her, especially old ones to send to them.  While looking through old photos that we had inherited from Tom's parents I found some very interesting pictures.  This is Tom's Grandfather Calvin.  I was really taken by his clothes, they are very fashionable.

Here he is in a different group with a leather coat.  The socks are great too.

That is Tom's Grandmother, Gladys with Clarence, in front of the house they lived in Auburn, Indiana.  The date on the back is October of 1930.  They are looking very happy and the clothes are still quite fashionable again. 

Here they are 50 years later, this was dated April of 1980.  This is how I knew Clarence.  We were married in October of 1980 and he passed away during the summer in his early 70's.  Glady's went on to live to age 99.  Her quality of life probably really declined in her early 90's, so she lived pretty well. 

This man I feel was one of Grandma Glady's brothers.  She was the youngest of a fairly large family.  I would like to have known the story behind the next set of pictures.  They seem to have some humor with them.  I don't know his name but he likes hats.  Here he has an English driving hat. 

I think this one is called a bowler.

Loved his top hat-I really think everyone should have one of these, one can dance with them or be in a very prestigious setting. I feel it was Abraham Lincoln who really made them fashionable.  It has a jaunty tilt to it. Think about this, possibly when these pictures were taken, the Civil War could have only been over by 35 years or less.

This picture is actually about one inch.  I first thought there was a flaw but then I realize it was a straw hat he was wearing. 

And now here he is in a bonnet!  This picture someone kept because it is all creased.  I wonder if he knew the photographer.  I don't think it is the same picture with old time photo shopping.  The head tilt and the smile are slightly different in each one. 

Throughout the days, we all wear different hats. 
May you always have a top hat underneath your helmet.

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