Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Tuesday- You are my sunshine

Last Sunday was Fathers Day and I want to share a few items with you that I got for Tom.  I picked this magnet up at Pewabic Pottery when I was there in June.  Tom is fascinated by this old train station that is very visible from the interstate in Detroit.  It is the Michigan Central Station. He reads the Detroit Free Press online and listens to WJR especially in the morning so he is all on top of the information about it.  They even announce in the weather the temp. in Fort Wayne, IN....we are sure it is for us :-D. So he was pretty tickled with this magnet.

Here is the card I made him.  I love that sun.

This I also picked up at Pewabic.  They were a new item since I had last been there.  It was a must have. He received quite a few other items like 4 martini glasses for his bar and clothes, nifty measuring cups for his bar, a Lions license plate and a Red Wings flag.  So he was treated pretty well. He's a great  Dad and deserved it all.
Like I mentioned, I like suns and I picked this up at a 3rd world shop in Indianapolis.  It was made in Portugal.

Just a close up of the sun on Toms card.  I should have embossed it also.  The texture would have really shown up then.

These are some earrings I picked up for myself at Pewabic.  I enjoyed the different shades of green.

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