Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review-Burial Rites: A Novel by Hannah Kent

This book was based on a story that happened in Iceland in the early 1800's.  It involved the brutal murder of a well known man and his friend.  The man's servant and also lover was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death.  While awaiting her death sentence she was put with a family to live.  The family, of course, was not happy to have this person living with them but they were ordered to do so.  A young minister was also assigned to the woman for her spiritual well being.  She had asked for this young minister because she knew him from before much to his surprise.  This book is about the evolving of a relationship between the woman and the family and the woman and the minister.  How she was a hated murderer to an accepted part of the family. By the end I had hoped that the inevitable was not going to happen.  It took me a while to get into the book but one fourth of the way through it  I was rooting for the main character.  Here is the information about it on Amazon.Amazon

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