Thursday, December 19, 2013

A little bit of Sophie

This was approx. 3 weeks after I found Sophie she might weigh 14 ounces.  She looks pretty ragged here yet.

This was taken today.  Her coat is really soft now and she may weigh 3 1/2 pounds.
This was taken in the third week also.  Her bottom lip was pretty much healed but she hadn't compensated yet because her lip was not in the right spot.  Her food would drip on her chest. 

This also was taken this morning.  She is all clean and the only time there are some drips are after she has taken a drink of water. 

She lays beside her buddy Smoke a lot.  Here she is enjoying the sunshine on the window sill. 

She goes wild on the cat tree and climbs all the way through it and back down. 

Definitely and AWWWWWW moment.
Who could resist that?

She wormed her way into our hearts.

Her Quirk is that she loves the cat box.  We find her laying in it sometimes.  Of course if someone else is using it she is right there watching... and bothering.  Then they run off and she covers it up for them. 

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