Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review-The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett

I received this book from my friend Colleen, who now resides in Georgia.  I don't get to see her much anymore and it was so nice to receive this package from her.  We like to send books we think each would like after we have read them.  She was right, I did enjoy this book.  I started reading it right away and finished it in no more than a week.    The beginning setting was in California with a young woman and her mother.  The young woman met a man from church who had been studying her from afar for 9 months.  He finally asked her out and they eventually ended up being married and for 3 years they were together.  The woman worked only at part time jobs and then would drop her husband off at school, because he taught, and she would take the car and just drive.  It was like she was searching for something, but she had no idea what.  She would be back in time to pick her husband up. He was a kind and loving man, not exciting in the least.  One day she found out she was pregnant and just decided it best to leave with just a short note to her husband.  She spoke with her priest to go to a place to have the baby and choose adoption for it.  He pointed her in the direction of Habit Kentucky where there was a place for unwed mothers run by nuns.  She drove and drove across country and had a few mishaps and adventures.  A good portion of the book is her life at Saint Elizabeth's.  The history of Saint Elizabeth's is very interesting how it came about.  The characters in this part of the book have pasts that you immerse yourself in.  I am a "glass half full" person and I had a hard time understanding Rose, the main character.  She would leave people with no discussion, these were people who were very close to her.  She would turn her back and drive off.  I have yet to understand why she totally left in the first place, I suppose to give her unborn child to a family because she didn't feel she could be a good mother and she realized she didn't love her husband.  There was absolutely no discussion. 
This book gives the reader lots of things to think about.  It flowed very well and was an easy read.  I enjoyed the nuns, especially the one that could talk to the babies while they were in the womb. 
If you read this book, please come back and leave a comment on your take of the book. I would really appreciate it.   

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