Monday, June 17, 2013


On Friday and Saturday of this last weekend we were up in Scotts Michigan which is between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.  There is a place called Tillers International that teaches sustainable farming to other countries like Africa for instance. They also offer many different classes and Kevin has taken Blacksmithing I and II now.  They are good people there and of course very down to earth, he enjoys it very much and learns a lot.  He made three items this time.  The one pictured is a trivet and he also learned how to rivet the pieces together.   

Very good for his first time. 
He also made some blacksmithing tongs to hold hot items and also riveting tools.   

Plow horses in the background, baby oxen to the left.  I saw someone working with them with a harness.  There are many goats, different kinds of chickens.  They had baby turkeys that they were raising for thanksgiving.  Many heads of cattle, all grass fed.  It is a neat place. 

The Blacksmith Shop

We drove into Portage Michigan to find a bite to eat and the country road was just so pretty. 

This is just on the outskirts of Portage, it is empty and someone was mowing the lawn.  I bet it has an interesting story. 

On Saturday Tom and I went over to Jackson Michigan.  This is the site of the First State Prison in Michigan.  We were going to take a tour but the tour people were not here.  I loved this dogwood and had a good picture of Tom in front of it.

An Armory had also been located there also but art shops and instruction was in it now.  That I am saving for another post. 

There are now apartments in this part of the prison and that would have been interesting to see. 

The back side of the apartments.

One of the prison walls made of old stone.  The yard once had many manufacturing buildings which have been torn down. 

Guard towers and iron doors

It just felt like a lot of sadness in this area. 

These walls were built in the 1840's and they have seen a lot. 

It was nice of you to check in.  Thanks!

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