Saturday, June 8, 2013

Book Review-The Search by Nora Roberts

I enjoyed this book very much.  It had many different elements.  Drama, Mystery, Romance, Animals.  The setting was Orcas Island in Washington State.  Fiona, the woman in the story had a search and rescue business and dog training classes that she held.  She owned three impeccably trained Labradors which was a delightful aspect of the story.  The lead up as to why she had this business is very intriguing and horrible.  The man in the story, Simon is a wood crafting artist and makes beautiful furniture and wood items.  He has just moved to Orcas Island and his mother bought him a puppy, that has become a handful.  His name is Jaws if that tells you anything.  He has paid a visit to Fiona to join her dog training classes.  Well, as you have probably guessed they eventually become a couple, but she has much baggage to work through.  I suspect that the author investigated how the search and rescues work, which I thought was very interesting.  This business plays into the end of the story and it was very much a Rah Rah moment.  It did not take me long to read this book, and it's a nice summer read.

I am sending my book on to a close friend who happens to live on Orcas Island part of the year.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

I have always like Nora Roberts and can't think of a book I haven't enjoyed. 

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