Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My Hollyhocks have started to bloom.  What a contrast in colors.

In the spirit of Georgia O'Keefe.

Not quite as dark with the sun shining.

The coreopsis are blooming nicely and shown along with my blue bird and solar ball.

These are going to be cosmos.  We got a free package in the mail for some reason and this will be the perfect spot.  In the background along the garage.  They should be tall and bright and reseed. 

Close up of one of the solar balls.  I really, really like these. 

Coreopsis up close and personal.

Now this is my wintered over geranium that has sprouted and nice fat bud.  I kept the little darling in the garage and when spring came about it started sprouting the leaves.  The other little sprouts are nasturtiums.  I had a package of them and just put them here and there.  There are so many pluses for nasturtiums.  They sprout easily and fast.  They have beautiful colors and are edible. 

This is a pot of pansies that are wearing down.  I have put more seeds in it and when it gets cool I will bet they will sprout up.  As you can see more nasturtiums. 

This solar ball is so pretty, especially at night.  The colors are pretty and subtle.

A beautiful red geranium pot with marigolds and snapdragons.  A knockout rose in the background-they smell so, so good!  The windchime was a gift for a house move in.  I just really enjoy the sound of it.  I have it sheltered because we get so much wind out here.  The soothing sound of it makes it seem as if everything is ok. 

This pot was empty so I put some extra seeds in it.  I know there are sweet peas (that is why I have a stick)  There are also zinnias and I can't remember what else.  It will be a surprise all over again.

Hope there are lots of nice surprises in your garden. 

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