Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wildflower Woods

Jean Stratton Porter was a naturalist.  She walked through the woods and documented what she saw.  She wrote novels and some were going to be turned into a movie.  She went out to California to meet with the director.  During that time she crossed the street and was struck and killed. 
Her home at the lake in Rome City, IN  and home in Geneva, IN  have become State Historical sites. 

Here is a list of her books.

A beautiful sunny day through the tall trees.

The bodies of Gene Stratton-Porter and her daughter were moved back from California and laid to rest right here. 

Flowering trees in the garden

Ferns and Bleeding Hearts

An Arbor looking towards the lake.

Could possibly be a hooked crowfoot

A lily

Wild Geranium

Jack in the Pulpit


Beech trees always get carved on because their bark is so smooth.

ground cover

this could possibly be a large leafed white violet

Red Winged was a very enjoyable and educational time. 

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