Thursday, May 9, 2013

Biological Research Area-Crooked Lake

Our adventure for today was going to Crooked Lake near Columbia City.  Indiana-Purdue University,  Fort Wayne,  has a research station up there and they so graciously let Saint Francis use it. 
Crooked Lake is one of the cleanest, clearest lakes in Indiana.  Part of our time was out on the water and the other was hiking through the woods. 

For my first picture, this is a Shagbark Hickory tree.

A lucky toad to be caught.  We photographed it and let it go though.

This tree grew so big that it looked like a giants foot. 

This is a toadstool trillium


beautiful view from the deck

Love this picture of the girls looking in the water.

Gar fish - mother and baby.  A second baby was swimming around also

Happily moving to the muscle bed.

Turtles on the limb.

Looking for mussels to show.  These water shells are more interesting than what you would believe.

When the professor brought this one out of the water it had it's "foot" out of the shell and that is how they move around the bottom of the lake.  The foot looks somewhat like a tongue. Like everything, they serve a purpose in nature.   

This area will never be developed, it is in a land trust to keep it naturalized and then it butts up against the research land. 

A Baltimore Oriole was singing in the tree

More close up for your enjoyment.  I was thrilled because I haven't gotten to see Orioles to often.
A beautiful blue sky, white fluffy clouds day.

Thanks for sharing my day.

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