Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beauty Around University of Saint Francis

For the next two weeks, 4 days this week and 4 days next I am taking a Field Study-Indiana class.  We are visiting different areas in Northern Indiana to study and identify wildflowers and trees, animals, birds, fish.  Our first day was to go over the syllabus, watch a video of how Indiana was formed and we walk around the nature areas of The University of Saint Francis.  Here is what I saw through my camera.  4 turtles sunning themselves on the dead cattails. 

A beautifully shaped tree by mirror lake. 

Canadian Geese that share the same path that the students use.

A look across Mirror Lake towards the football stadium.

A flowering tree

A look across the lake towards Brookside Mansion

Lovely yellow tulips

Pine tree and pine cones for identification

We spotted a coi in Mirror Lake.  How is got there is a guess. 

A big birds nest in the top of a tree

More flowering trees-tomorrows post....Jean Stratton Porters home in Rome City. 

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