Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve-Fremont IN

Our last trip of the class was to visit the Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Fremont, IN.  It was a very pleasant, pretty place.  I would enjoy taking my family there again.  Their main objective is the preservation of the Bison.  They have 5 Bulls (male bison) and the rest are female.  They have approximately 230 bison on the land. They have approx. 40 new babies born with another 60 due. 
They sell bison meat and I had a bison sloppy joe.  It tasted a little different from my regular ground meat but one could get used to it if they ate it all the time.  They are all grass fed and only feed hay during the winter. 

Here we were being pulled by a Kubota tractor to field number 6 where the herd was at that day.  Pretty blue water and green grass.

Here we stopped at the ceremonial section.  When any female bison dies the skull is added here.  They are the ones who give birth.  They believe that the bison are very spiritual animals.

Here is our first siting of the herd.  It reminded me of Dances with Wolves. 

Females have curved horns and here are a couple, one with her calf. 

Another female

Here is our guide, he is Cherokee.

Bison are migrators and they were always moving from one end of the pasture to another.  Some were losing some of the winter coat and they pick this up and sell it. 

When we were getting ready to go out of the pasture the herd started running toward us. 

This was the second vehicle, see how they are in front of him and others were at the gate ready to get out. 

So the guide had to get down and speak Cherokee to them and got them moving back.
It was very entertaining annnnndddd a little worrysome. 

Just a beautiful pine tree near the entrance.

They only kill animals that have genetic traits that they don't want to pass on.  They give vaccines and deworming.  They let nature takes its course and if an animal dies they just let it go back into the earth unless it is hot.  After 7 days they take the carcass off the field.  If there are twins born the mother takes care of the strongest one and the weaker one has to fend for itself.  If a human interferes the mother will not take care of the youngster at all. 

I would recommend a visit, it was very educational. 


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