Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Edna W. Spurgeon-Woodland Reserve

Here is our destination for today

The Class getting together to go into the woods.

The trail we will follow up and down hills.  A different area than the marsh.  Tall old trees. 

A super large slug.

Solomons Seal False

Squirrel Corn

Beautiful Wildflower Trillium

A cherry tree that fell down and someone cut.  See the reddish color?

I thought this knob looked like a cartoon wolf.

Myself and a classmate.  We have to wear hats and sleeves so that ticks and mosquitoes don't get us. 

We thought this was endearing and hoped it worked out for them, carved on a beech tree.

Unidentified Bright colored bird.


Hope you enjoyed, thanks for checking in. 

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Anonymous said...

the unidentified bird looks like a scarlet tanager! good find!