Monday, May 13, 2013

Eagle Marsh

Today we visited Eagle Marsh which is in southwest Fort Wayne.  While tromping through the area you would never know that the city is just down the road.  In a very shallow pool of water was Mr. Garter snake posing for us. 

Here is a pool of water with lots of geese activity.

It was only 58 degrees or we would have seen frogs, turtles, fish.  There was not much aquatic activity. 

Discovered a black snack also. 

A pond with thousands of tadpoles.

The dark spots are all tadpoles.

We stopped at Swinney Park and saw an old fashioned Honey Locust tree.  They have these nasty thorns that grow out of their trunk.

This tree trunk was so big it took 6 people to make it around.

This goose had only one leg.  I wondered if is swam in circles. 

The frosting on the cake...we saw an eagle!  He is so majestic!

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