Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday Weigh In

 The last time I posted a Tuesday weigh in was in April.  Life got a little harried at the end of the school year, at that point I had lost 21 pounds, I am now at 25 pounds. 
I am still doing walks and I am so glad that I had lost that weight, the Field study class would not have been so easy tromping through the woods and up and down the ravines.  True confessions now-Last day of class-May 1st-it was an evening class and I wanted a peanut butter blast from Dairy Queen SO BAD! They only offer one size and I started eating it.  I should have stopped halfway through, I was perfect then, but I couldn't stand to throw it away.  I should have though because I did not feel well, head ache, stomach ache.  I just can't handle it anymore-which is good.  Went to a focus on health to get my blood work done and the cholesterol was good and everything else-so we are doing the right thing.  Tom's also came out really well. 
So I go on-I am 55 pounds away from my goal.  It's a slow process-but each pound lost is incentive for the next.  I will keep you posted.

The picture above, I started my first Art Piece for the summer.  It will be a mixed medium picture for the powder room.  Someone felt the need to look over it while I was working.  I thought she would put a paw print in it, but refrained.  The acrylic paint is drying right now.  Come on back for the finished work. 

Have you got lots of plans for summer? 

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