Monday, May 20, 2013

Saint Francis

The fountain is out and sounded magical yesterday. All cleaned up for a new spring, summer and fall.  Things are growing nicely too.
This is my new Saint Francis that is going in the garden behind the garage.  I have worked at the University of Saint Francis for 12 years now and have learned quite a bit about Saint Francis.  He was a knight during the crusades before he started to follow God.  He was captured and spent a year in prison and got very sick.  He was a happy, Italian man that spoke animatedly with his hands.  We have many Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration working at USF and the President, Sister Elise does not like Saint abbreviated to St.  She says that he is not a street.  Another sister was giving a talk about Saint Francis and the title of her talk was Saint Francis-not just a bird bath. 
One of his favorite sayings is "God is Good"!

At some point Saint Francis will have many pretty flowers surrounding him. 

Another Mothers Day Gift I received were these 2 trellis.  One will have morning glories and the other a dark clematis, both are planted.   

Next weekend we plan to refresh the mulch.  I think I will go with black. 

Another peek. 

How is your garden growing?


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