Sunday, May 19, 2013

organized studio

I ordered some new organizer cabinets for my studio from Collectors Cabinets.  These are the modular units that have the narrow drawers to organize my rubber stamps and stamp pads. The TV on top is new and it has a DVD player with it, I have always thought it would be nice to have so I can watch one of my movies. That was a nice Mothers Day gift.   

Everything is so easy to see and get to.

Along with the organizer cabinets I got a new craft table with book shelves on each side.  This table came from the Pottery Barn.

I really love it.  It is so sturdy and many times when stamping I stand and it is tall enough to do it easily.

I now won't have cat hair on my paint brushes.

This I already had.  It is a built in and has file drawers that hold my 8 1/2 X 11 paper.  It also has the ironing board in the second little drawer.

This is the large cabinet.  It looks like a piece of furniture and has shallow and deep drawers in it. 

See this great space.

The deep drawers hold the chunky stamps.  They also hold your work in progress so you can put it away and not leave the mess out. 

I was then able to organized my closet better.

Found these great ribbon organizers.

They are a big help. 

Brought back out my 12 X 12 organizers to be able to see this paper quickly.

A shelf for my art supplies.

I love the uniformity of my space.  Where everything goes together. 

I put all embossing powder and sparkles out so that I can find the right color. 

My room is right inside the front door and I wanted it to look nice because it is one of the things that guests see first. 

I am really enjoying my space that the cats let me use, thanks for sharing with me. 

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