Thursday, February 28, 2013

little bit of decorating

I finally decided what to put on top of my cabinet.  I found I had a couple of interesting frames I had picked up a while ago and then forgot about them.  I put a couple of favorite family pictures in them and then the sunflowers in some potter with the right color on it. 

Tom put up this shelf I had gotten from Pottery Barn a year ago.  These kinds of shelves are hard to put up.  I have some blue  favorite items on the shelf and then a block that I had exchanged with from a person in California. 

A little more close up for a better view.

And this one too.  The vase and the house block is from Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.  The tea light candle holder with stars was from my sister in law.  The dolphin my Mother in Law had brought back from Florida.  The little blue bottle on the end I had bought for my Mother.  The little blue candle holder I had received with a gel like candle in it that was homemade.  Fun little memorable items that I like.

The two pictures are just flowers from my garden at a previous house.  The blue and white pot had been my Mothers also.  I have fabric to make a valance for the window.  That's on my to do list for this year. 

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