Tuesday, January 1, 2013

cat stuff

This new toy I got for the cats so they would get some exercise in the winter.  It seems to be a hit especially for Lily. She will start playing with the string when it's not on.  The contraption runs on 3 double A batteries and has two speed settings.  It just pulls the string around as in hiding it and then flings it out to get the attention of the cat.  Then they chase it and catch it. 

It's silly looking with a little face and ears (like the cats really pay attention to that).
Lily getting some action in on it.

It has caught Sebastions interest.  Smoke the oldest cat lays down and bats at it a little bit. 
Stonewall pays no attention to it.  He is a hard sell.  One time he had torn his scratching post up as he had really used it.  It was falling apart, I bought him a new one and he wouldn't use it for a YEAR! 

Another item the cats seem to like is this themal cat pad.  It warms up to their body temperature.  Here is Lily snoozing on it.

Stonewall finally gave in and started using it.  He turned his nose up at it at first.  So you know it must be good if it has his paw of approval on it. 

The pad that Stonewall is sitting on is the pad that I stamp on.  The cats love it.  I had bought a new one because my old had a bunch of claw marks in it. The new one now has it too.  I think Stonewall is licking his mouth.  He was just bent over sniffing noses with Lily.  He is smitten with Lily.  She can walk by and smack him and he doesn't do a thing.  Any other can he would chase after and beat up.  We call it a May-December relationship. 

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