Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review-The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure

I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago. It was published in 2011and was charming and utterly enjoyable.  The Little House books have always been my very favorite books.  I was thrilled when I found out that other people feel the same way and that others had written about the Little House Books.  Sometime last year I had posted a book review on the Little House Sampler after we visited the Little House in the Big Woods in Pepin Wisconsin.  The author, Wendy McClure talks about visiting this town also and I could just picture everything she was describing.  I have always wanted to visit the places where the Ingalls family lived and this book did just that in up to date details.  Her journey took her to the Little House on the Prairie and seeing the Laura and Nellie Pagents, the plays put on about the Little House on the Prarie.  She did research and figured out what happened in real life and the way it was instead of the story that Laura and her daughter Rose made up.  It seems as if the Little Books are fact and fiction.  She went down to Mansfield MO to visit Rocky Ridge where Laura and Almanzo spent most of their married life.  It was worth the time to see it.  She also made it to upstate New York where Almanzo grew up in Malone, New York. It is the original house.  I think one of the best stories though is when she wanted to get the real Ingalls feeling and to go on a homesteading weekend that turned out that most people that went to it were religious zelots waiting for the end of the world to happen so they could ride it out with their self sufficency.  I recomend this book wholeheartedly.

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