Monday, July 19, 2010

House Pics 07-19-2010

When I came into the garage tonight it was a nice surprise to see the doors on that lead into the house.
That meant that the air conditioning was on and also the painters had started.

Nick, who is tiling the walking shower had been working the past few days.
He had taken the drywall down and put up a barrier of roofing sheets and heavy plastic in the walls, then put back up the drywall.
This is also the start of the floor.

Another look at the inside of the shower, with the seat.

He now has some kind of red stuff painted on the wall for another barrier I am sure.

Here is what the ceiling looks like before it is painted.
This design is spanish lace.
The painters are doing amazing work.  They sprayed all the upstairs ceilings in one day.
The foyer.
They also painted the laundry room.
My Studio
Started the Master Bedroom

We are liking it all very, very much!

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