Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Camp

This is a box that Kevin made in the Art Camp.
It started out as a raw piece of wood from a cut down tree.
He drew it onto this large piece of wood, cut it out, hollowed it out.

It is nice and smooth inside and out.
He drew the dagger and axe on to a piece of wood and then cut out and sanded them.

It is a really nice piece of work.
He had never worked with wood like this before.
He loved every power tool he came into contact with.
This is a picture he drew on his own in that week.
It was from the front of a hunting magazine.
He especially learned what to do with the fur.

This is a very large picture from a copy of himself.
He calls it Happy Gilmore.
This was done with charcoal.

This is a still life that was set up in the drawing room.
It was done in graphite pencils.
This was a very intense class because from my experience, pictures this large take a long time to do.
The actual drawing part of the class was 13 days long with 3 hours per day. 
We are very proud of him, this is an excellent job.

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