Friday, January 30, 2015

watching tv

Lily has developed a major infatuation with the fish bowl.  I used to have it on the fireplace but moved it for Christmas and have it by the kitchen sink.  I put that metal lid on top of it because it scares her when she knocks it off.  It makes a terrible racket and also it alerts me to her shenanigans. 

I feed the fish after I feed the cats and it got to the point where she would hear me take the lid off and open the fish food.  She would stop eating and run over and jump on the counter to watch. 

We don't let her stay on the counter. 

I pull up a tall stool so she can sit and watch.  That's where we say she is watching tv. 

Tom found her sitting in the sink because it was the perfect level for her to watch the fish.  She gets real excited when they swim to the top to eat the food. 
No room up here for the fish bowl now. 
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She is such a lovely girl. 

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Found a couple of cute cartoons. 

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