Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charley Harper

In the mail the other day my Dear friend Leah sent this Charley Harper Calendar to me.  I am over the top loving it.  She recently moved to Cincinnati to be near her daughter and grandchildren. Charley Harper, who is now deceased, was from Cincinnati.  My friend Leah is also known for liking ladybugs and I sent her a tile that had been made from a Charley Harper painting that was a ladybug along with information about him, he now has become one of her favorite artists also!  She found this at a Wild Birds Unlimited store and picked it up and sent it to me.  There is not one thing that he designed that I don't love. As you can probably tell he is very geometrical which adds such interest and originality to his work. 
Along with it came these great stickers.  See the ladybug?  That is what the tile looked like.  It was probably 4X4. 

This page is made from his Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Poster.
Here is a tile mosaic wall in the courthouse in Cincinnati.

This one is his painting called "Friends of our Families".

Thank you so much Leah, it was a day brightener!

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