Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm a little teapot

School is over now, December 12th was the last day, another semester down.  The last assignment of the semester in ceramics was to make a teapot and two cups preferably on the wheel.  I got it done but quite primitively. Glazing is like magic to me.  You can't quite tell what the colors will be  until after it is fired, you don't know how they will react to each other if you use more than one. When it does get fired it's shiny! The colors I used were a red and a green.  I dipped it completely in red and dipped the top in the green. 

This one I did the opposite.  Dipped completely in green and the rim was dipped in the red. 

The spout on the teapot was thrown also.  I was just glad to get one made that could be attached.  It can only get better.  I like the lid only it doesn't fit....it shrank. 

We also had to do a paper on an ceramic artist.  I chose an Indiana Artist named Carol Bell.  She started Blue Moon Pottery in Noblesville, IN.  This is one of her pieces, of course the red attracted me.  I liked her for many reasons.  She bases many of her pieces on nature and the colors she used are just great.  She also is an inspiration because she started when she was older and had been in the corporate world. quit that world, took ceramic classes at the Indianapolis Art Institute and then opened her business.   

Here she is...Carol Bell. A very gracious and interesting woman.

Her pretty ceramic poppy cups.

I love her sunflower cup also.  The texture in the middle was made from the end of a sharpie cap. 
The website is http://www.bluemoonpotteryonline.com/about.htm.

I hope you stop and see what else she makes.

Thanks for checking in with me too!


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