Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

I read this book about 2 months ago and just hadn't gotten around to doing the review.  Today is the PERFECT day to do this. 

The book starts out with a high school English teacher who is 35 years old name Jake Epping and is in Lisbon Falls Maine. One day the owner of a diner that he frequents asks him to come to the diner after hours because he wanted to show him something.  Jake was perplexed because he had no idea what it could be about.

When he got there the owner of the diner looked years older and was definitely sick and he had just been in the diner the day before.  He showed Jake a back room that would take him back in time to the same town, Lisbon Falls but to the 1950's. When he would come back, no matter how long he was gone, two minutes would have passed. 

Jake also taught a GED class and he had given the assignment of his students writing about a night that change their lives.  One of his students wrote about the day that his father killed his family and this deeply affected the teacher. 

After finding the time traveler room he thought about going back to the area and intercepting  the father from killing the family and what he had to do to get this done.

After he did it he came back through the room to see how this had affected modern day life and the man who wrote the paper. 

Then Jake and the diner owner decided that the world would be better if he would go back and stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing President Kennedy. 
Along the way he met a woman he fell in love with and he couldn't give out his real identity and had to falsify information and the woman eventually confronted him because she felt he wasn't telling the truth. 

Essentially he had to live two lives down in Texas.  The one where he was a school teacher in a small town and the other watching Lee Harvey Oswald and his family when they moved to Dallas. 

Leading up to the shooting of President Kennedy the book was very exciting with many twists and turns.  It gives a lot of history and food for thought.  It was a very enjoyable book and also it brought up again the thought....Did Lee Harvey Oswald ask along or was it a conspiracy?

After you read it, you will draw your own conclusion. 

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