Saturday, November 1, 2014

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I work at The University of Saint Francis and have watched this project grow in just 7 years from and idea to a full blown action.  I am a totally in awe of this project.  It truly epitomizes the good that students and the rest of us can do.  I started following Formula for Life on Facebook when I realized that they were actually funding to build an orphanage in Haiti. 

I would see the posts and watched the construction and thought "how neat is this"!  Learning about Haiti when the earthquake hit was eye opening.  This country is so poor, when we live in abundance. 

When two new little guys were taken in but they had to sleep on the floor because there was no room for more beds.  Amy Obringer, the keeper of Facebook asked if anyone knew of ways to raise more funds.  I asked if I could build a blog for them and let the world know about this project.  Maybe this could help. 


This was taken in 2013.  The Formula for Life group was presenting Father Andre with the first raised funds to start the orphanage.
This is the most recent poster from the 5K run in April.  There will be another in April of 2015.

News Sentinel picture of the Formula for Life 5K run.

Poster for the Bike to Build in August 2014.
This was the first year for this project.

Biker participation

The sweet orphans of Our Lady of Perpetual Hope Orphanage.
There are only 29 the but Father Andre has to turn away children all the time.  The new orphanage will have beds for 160.

Sending construction supplies to Haiti.

The student group of Formula for Life.
Please help them with this project.
Visit Formula for Life on Facebook and the Blog.

Taken in October of 2014.  Not only does this help the orphans of Haiti is helps the area by providing jobs for the residents.  This is located 5 hours from Port-AU-Prince.

I ask you again to please check out the sites.
If you would like someone to come and speak to your group about Formula For Life please contact me or put a message on Facebook and someone will be glad to get back with you.
The children thank you and I thank you- from the bottom of my heart.


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