Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Works in Progress

I started a new party cat picture.  Had one of these started and I can't find the pad or the picture, so I had to draw a complete new one.  These are my five cats after a night of partying.  They have paw prints all over the wall, confetti on the floor and they have their hats and crown on and they are almost all at a jaunty angle.  Lets Paaarrrttttyyyyyy!

A shot of my brushes and pallet.

This cute little monkey quilt is all marked and ready for the batting and the backing before the quilting.
I love to do hand work like quilting and embroidery. It is so calming and one can think and figure out problems. 

This pretty peach and blue quilt needs to be marked yet.
The summer is going fast and I did not get things done fast enough. 
How about you?
Thanks for stopping. 

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