Thursday, July 24, 2014

New "used" books

Often when I see a book that I would like, I go to Amazon and pick up a used one from the sellers that are listing their books online.  I have not been disappointed yet.  I get a used book that has been loved by someone else.  I am reusing it and get them for a little bit of nothing.  I also have an Amazon credit card so I always have points that build up to use toward my purchase. 

I came across this author when I was putting a magazine article away that I had torn out of Country Living magazine that I wanted to keep.  Magazines can build up and if you keep the magazine around for that one article, you forget why you kept it and it just takes up space in the house.  I tear out the article, put it in a plastic sleeve and file it into my 3 ring binder and then recycle the magazine.  I then sit down with it and have my own magazine of each and everything I am interested in.  It's like Pinterest in person. 

So going on, I looked up this author and found a couple of books that seemed as if I would like.  The one above is the first.  It has so many good ideas and was very enjoyable.  I wasn't really keen on the small pictures butted up against each other, because I like white space in between but the content made up for it though. 

This book was probably advertised in a quilting magazine.  It caught my eye and it reviews the artistic elements with many good ideas. 

This is the second book from Bunny Williams.  It is one to just sit down and study each page.  It is big like a coffee table book and the pictures are nice and large.  I haven't taken the time yet to savor it. 

My Mom had purchased books 1 through 9 and they have much good information in them, so I decided to start purchasing the rest of the volumes a little at a time.  Pictured are volumes 10 and 11.  I am going to make the manicotti pictured on the front cover this weekend and I'll be sure to post it along with the recipe. In an earlier volume a cheesecake recipe is my go to when that bug bites. It was approved by my cheesecake loving friend this summer. 

Sit down in a nice rocker or your favorite comfy chair, with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy. 

See ya next time!

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