Saturday, May 17, 2014

Catching up

Since school is out, I have been trying to catch up with cleaning.  I have so many ideas I want to do with my summer vacation that my head spins.  One is getting back into the habit of coming up with blog ideas.  It's not that I haven't been doing anything.....I think it was the cleaning holding me back, a necessity, and it's nice to have a fairly clean house, isn't it? Though it's like the wash, it's done for one hour until you take off your clothes and go to bed, and the basket starts filling up.  So each day, I will try to catch you up on my journeys and findings.

Last Sunday was my niece Emily's commencement program from Ohio Northern University.  She became a Doctor of Pharmacology.  It was an early morning ceremony (9:00 a.m.) on Mother's Day.  I think, what could be a better present?  I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and the whole ambiance.  We are very proud of her!

We are on the road at 6:30 a.m. and here is our beautiful Indiana sunrise, so picture worthy.  Funny thing though, once we got over the Ohio state line we ran into fog as thick as pea soup as they say.  When there are school delays that part of Ohio always is the first, I can see why.  I didn't think about taking a picture of the fog, but believe me, it was a little hairy!

I liked the stage, it was very colorful and ceremonial looking.

Here is our doctor, all smiles after accepting her diploma.

Posing for us with a little bit of sass thrown in for good measure. 

The school must have added a new area where bricks could be purchased.  Calvin was Emily's great grandfather who also graduated as a pharmacist in 1930.  He opened probably one of the first drive-in-pharmacies.  I knew him in the late 1970's and I am not sure how long it had been open, maybe 15 to 20 years?  It's very neat that she also graduated from Ohio Northern. 

This is her immediate family, from left to right...Father-Keith (eating a tasty cookie), sister-Kelli, The Graduate, sister-Allie, Mother-Ellen

Emily, standing behind the table at her party in her pretty orange dress.  The school colors are Black and Orange.  The poodle statue pops up at special occasions - it was stolen at some point from someones yard, and keeps getting painted to match the occasion.  It's the mascot and is treated well for being contraband. I think it is very amusing!

So it was a really nice time, I love the song Pomp and Circumstance...those things make me cry as many occasions do.  I am more emotional as I get older, happy-sad doesn't matter. 
It is what it is. 

Come back tomorrow to see what I come up with. 

Thanks for stopping!

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