Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Billy Joel for Valentines Day

Along with my beautiful box of chocolates and card we treated ourselves to a concert of Billy Joel  in Auburn Hills Michigan 

We were very high up and there were televisions showing what was going on at the stage.  The concert was fabulous!  I wish it would have gone on longer but he sang for a solid two hours. 

This was during Piano Man and the crowd sang along.  It was very moving.  I have to say that is probably my favorite song. 
Couple Picture
Nancy and Dave our friends.  They love to go to concerts.  We went with them last April
to see Bob Segar, here at the Palace also.  We always have a good time with them.

He is almost 65 years old and creaks and is stiff when he gets up too.  An amusing thing he had to say...Hello I'm Billy Joel....isn't that a silly name for someone my age?  Billy-I couldn't imagine anything different.  I did read that he had surgery to replace hip joints so that would explain the stiffness.   

This is a big arena.  The Detroit Pistons Basketball team  play here. 
Thank you Billy Joel for a really nice Valentines Day.  We enjoyed it so much!

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