Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Projects

I started two new projects over my Christmas break.  I decided for the new year I would try to work on using up my stash of fabric and unfinished pieces that were from myself and my Mom.  I would then gift them away to the family.  This is a fairly old block that my Mom had in her sewing stash that we found while cleaning out.  I don't believe that she made it because it doesn't look like her colors.  My cousin Deb goes to garage sales and flea markets, etc. and she would find these blocks and bring them to my Mom, so that may be where it came from.  After washing the block and drying it those spots appeared on it.  They are stiff like possibly a glue like substance was spilled on it.  I still wanted to use it because I already had a great idea for this block and the whole challenge of it was to make it usable and pretty.  I added the narrow red border and larger white border.  The idea I have for this, now-little quilt involves applique and embroidery. Keep checking back and I will add pictures as it evolves. 

When the new year came around I had wished I had a picture I could post to ring it in.  This idea took hold of my 5 cats with all their party hats on.  They were having a great time running around climbing the walls and sitting so nicely with their balloons.  Sophie can't quite get her hat straight and Lily feels silly with her crown on because she doesn't like to put on airs.  It is going to be painted in watercolors so please check back and I will post pictures of it also. 

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