Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3 days of weather

 Made by the kids across the street
 Sculpted by the kids next door
Day One-January 5th-approx. 9 a.m....the snow started falling, temps were in the lower 30's producing a heavy, wet snow making many snowmen pop up.

We had a snow earlier in the week so there was already a path cut out from the previous time.

Kevin went out a couple of times to stay ahead of the snowfall so that it wouldn't be so hard when it was time to dig out.  It ended up snowing at least 15 hours straight, I am not sure when it stopped because I was sleeping.

3 out of 5 had to see what was going on out there.

Sophie is just funny.
Day 2- Monday January 6th, the snow has stopped, the winds have picked up and the temps dropped drastically.  It looks like a documentary for the North Pole and polar bears should start lumbering across the field.

Heavy snow on the neighbors pine trees.

The wind is blowing and drifting the snow.
Day 3, Tuesday January 7th, 7 a.m.  It's so cold that door handles on the outside doors are frosted over. 

Frost at the bottom of the doors.

The garage door is more frosty since the garage is not heated but well insulated. 

Outside temp from our covered porch, the weather channel on the Ipad said 12 below in our area.  It was blowing the wind chime and the trees enough to move them so wind chill was 25 to 30 below zero. 

Pretty but cold sunrise this morning.  Good picture of the waves in the snow.

There is going to be a little work in front of the garage doors.

The swath that had been cut out for the front sidewalk is all filled in.  This was the coldest air that we have seen for 20 years.  We have had enough, tomorrow it will be better.  Some people had lost electricity, we were not one, thankfully.  People I know had family and friends to go to. 

There were warming centers open in the city of Fort Wayne and hopefully the people who were homeless and without electricity went to them. 

By the weekend they are telling us the high should be 38 degrees.  We are looking forward to it. In my area we probably got 9 inches of snow, it's always hard to tell because of the wind blowing.  Other places received 14 to 16 inches.  It was quite a storm.

I hope that you have faired well in this bad weather.   

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