Saturday, January 18, 2014


It was a very stressful week for at least 10 reasons that I will not bore your with.  This Saturday morning, when I woke up it was still with me.  I was not going to let this ruin my weekend.  I needed to get my mind going in another direction.  Journaling was my way out.  I scanned the music channels and tried different ones until I settled on the 60's.  Usually upbeat sounding, not blaring that would interrupt my thoughts but a complement to what I was trying to achieve.  The page above was the first I did in my journal months ago.  I am practicing with different mediums and this, as I am sure you can tell, are calligraphy markers.  I taped Canson marker paper to the journaling page because I hate bleed through.  It worked great, and I highly recommend it. 

The back of the journal page with Canson marker paper again.  While I am in school I need help keeping my "create brain" going because the working, school, business brain is in full mode and takes over.  For the help I used the Creative Lettering Books by Lindsay Ostrom.  They are FUN with tons of ideas to quickly put in place and practice with.

Again this 3rd page was not done today.  I was practicing with the graphite drawing pencils.  I was stepping out of the box and drawing things I wouldn't normally take on.  Suprisingly it was pretty fun and they don't look awful.  You can at least tell what they are and after all, journaling is practicing.  The building is one in downtown Detroit that I see when we go to Tigers and Lions games.  Tall and many, many windows.  The other is the craft lamp on my table in my studio.  It has the light head on it that looks like a bird, then it has a magnifying arm.  I don't really use it unless I have something stuck in my finger that I need to see.  It also has an arm with a clamp that holds paper.  At the bottom is a tray that holds all your items that are needed.  I always try to get values in them and they can always use more for sure. 

Here is Page 4 that I finished this morning.  I started this over Christmas Break and wasn't sure what I wanted to do....So I just put a big Do It in the middle and worked around it using a regular #2 pencil and the colored pencils.  I had my handy dandy Faber-Castell pencil sharpener that is my favorite.  I started out with new pencils that I received recently and then went to the Prismacolor pencils that the pigment is much bolder.  I use these thoughts for life.

These two have become great buddies.  They are the closest in age and when Tiger Lily came to our house so hungry for food she had been pregnant but there were no kittens with her.  She was very stand offish and mean at first to Sophie but as you can tell Sophie didn't give up and they are very close now. 

A look of contentment on both faces.  See Lilys' arm holding Sophie.  But of course then they had to start wrestling and had to be sent from the room.  It was all good when I was sitting there but going and doing something else and they get themselves in trouble.

And I wanted to tell you after I got my journal page done, I did feel much better.  I needed to get a monkey off my back for the weekend. 
Deep Breath and go on.

I hope you find something that gets the monkey off your back.

Thank you for stopping...from the bottom of my heart. 

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